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The tibetan practice of Chudlen represents a highly particular forging of divers strands of spiritual and medical legacies. Chudlen (lit.essence extraction) consists of varied methods whose goal is to extract nutrition or “essence” through alchemical processes, ritual, and contemplation. The extraction can occur forms sources such plants, flowers, barks, and roots , water rocks , and even the essence of space and star.
According to the Four Medical Tantras, chudlen has three main indications. One is for preventing diseases, both chronic and acute, and staying healthy. Second indication is for fertility and increasing libido -sexual energy. The third one is for anti aging.

Description of the thangka, Reproduction of the thangka from the 17th century.

Amitayus Center in its mandala represents the 5 elements.

Just below Amitayus, the Buddha of Long Life, is a bowl filled with the nectar of immortality. From the Heart of the Buddha come rays of golden light that go to Space, Nature, the Pure Lands of the Buddhas, and Animals and extracts the essence of all those places and bring them back to the bowl.

The monk located on the left is the representation of each one of us.

There is also an altar.

Medicine Buddha – Peaceful Buddha – Love, peace, healing through love peace

Hayagriva – Wrathful manifestation of the Medicine Buddha – Strength and power.

These two Buddhas represent our nature, both peaceful and wrathful.




Fine Art Printing on cotton fine art canvas acid-free with pigments inks.

Duration 75/100 years. It is high-quality printing as you see it can last around 100 years!!

This kind of printing can not be exposed directly to the sun as any art.

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Dimensions59,5 × 51,5 cm

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