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Blessed By Dr.Nida Chengatsang

While the Buddha was giving a sermon to an assembly of disciples at the place known as Yangpachen, Manjusri arose from his seat and requested the Compassionate One to teach the previous prayers said by the Seven Medicine Buddhas. Manjusri emphasised that the prayer will be of immense benefit to those assembled and more so, to the many, in the years to come, who will even suffer from hunger and disease. The Buddha warmly welcome the suggestion and assembled the Seven Medicinal Buddhas who recite their individual prayers (The Medicinal Buddha, sMan-pa’i rgyal po recited 12 different prayers) . Sixteen Bodhisattvas, the 12 Governors of the 12 directions, The 12 Rulers of Wealth, and the 4 Gate Guardians also joined in the prayers. They all solemnly promised wherever and whenever the prayers are invoked , the will not only act as guardians but also aid those who recite the prayers. Then Manjusri told Ananda that for the benefit of the future suffering humanity, the will have to make the above mandala and recite the sMan mdo brgyad brgya pa.

Copy of the Thangka of MenTseKhang



Fine Art Printing on cotton fine art canvas acid-free with pigments inks.

Duration 75/100 years. It is high-quality printing as you see it can last around 100years!!

This kind of printing can not be exposed directly to the sun as any art.

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